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11 Jan 2010

Iain’s interview at BigThink.com

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Are humans pack animals? Do cells act like crowds? Does Iain Couzin feel like part of the herd? Iain answers these questions, and more, in this interview (Taming the Herd Mentality) he gave to the website BigThink.com:

For your information, BigThink.com is a website that broadcasts interviews with experts in various fields, from hedge-fund managers to neuroscientists.

24 Sep 2009

Current Biology, PNAS: Cannibalism and collective behavior in swarming insects

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One of the most striking and devastating examples of collective movement is exhibited by locusts. Swarms of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, can devour large areas of vegetation and have a huge social and economic impact on humans, affecting the livelihood of one in ten people on the planet in plague years. How do these […]