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25 Mar 2010

Postdoctoral Research Position – Collective Motion and Decision-Making in Schooling Fish

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Start date: Mid-October 2010 or sooner
A postdoctoral position is available in the Collective Animal Behavior Laboratory at Princeton University to study collective information processing using schooling fish as a model system. This is part of a multidisciplinary investigation of decision-making by animal groups. Specifically we aim to explore the interplay […]

24 Sep 2009

Group meeting with Noam Miller: Quantitative analysis of zebrafish schooling

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On October 1st, Noam Miller from the Department of Psychology of University of Toronto at Mississauga will join us for our group meeting (Guyo Hall, room 301). He will show us his work on the quantitative analysis of zebrafish schooling. Hereafter are references to one of its article. 
[bibtex file=noammiller.txt]

24 Sep 2009

Collective Motion and Decision-Making in Animal Groups

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By accessing social cues individuals, who may themselves be limited in sensory range and cognitive capacity, can access higher-order computational capabilities. We have previously shown, in a paper in Nature, how directional information can be effectively disseminated within groups, facilitating both ad-hoc leadership and consensus decision-making even in the absence of signaling or individual recognition. […]