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1 Mar 2011

Iain Couzin and Colin Twomey in The Economist

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The presentation that Iain gave during the recent symposium "Mathematics and Collective Behavior" at the annual AAAS meeting in Washington, got some additional press in the mainstream media. After the technological blog Ars Technica, the prestigious journal The Economist has decided to dedicate an article to the work of Iain and Colin Twomey, grade student […]

1 Nov 2010

PNAS: Leadership, collective behavior, and the evolution of migration

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Migration is a remarkable and widespread form of collective motion that is observed over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales. Often migratory individuals face the challenge of tracking long range, noisy environmental cues in order to reach suitable habitats. Detecting directional information, however, may come at a cost. This raises a number of […]

24 Sep 2009

Collective Motion and Decision-Making in Animal Groups

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By accessing social cues individuals, who may themselves be limited in sensory range and cognitive capacity, can access higher-order computational capabilities. We have previously shown, in a paper in Nature, how directional information can be effectively disseminated within groups, facilitating both ad-hoc leadership and consensus decision-making even in the absence of signaling or individual recognition. […]