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24 Jun 2011

Iain Couzin interview by Jane Lee

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Jane Lee, a graduate student in the Science Communication Program at the University of California Santa Cruz, has recently interviewed Iain as part of the 2011 SciCom Interviews series. Hereafter is the introductory paragraph of this interview. The complete interview can be found here.

Wheeling, turning, and diving—flocks of birds and schools of fish perform these acrobatic maneuvers […]

24 Jul 2010

Swarming locusts impossible to predict: Iain Couzin in ScienceNews

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Journalist Alexandra Witze from ScienceNews published an article on the behavior of locust swarms. This article is based on several studies published by Iain and his collaborators (see our publication page), and precede a future article to appear in Physical Review E (Escudero et al., Physical Review E, in press). Iain along with coauthors Jérôme Buhl and Carlos […]

11 Jan 2010

Iain’s interview at BigThink.com

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Are humans pack animals? Do cells act like crowds? Does Iain Couzin feel like part of the herd? Iain answers these questions, and more, in this interview (Taming the Herd Mentality) he gave to the website BigThink.com:

For your information, BigThink.com is a website that broadcasts interviews with experts in various fields, from hedge-fund managers to neuroscientists.