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25 Mar 2010

Postdoctoral Research Position – Collective Motion and Decision-Making in Schooling Fish

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Start date: Mid-October 2010 or sooner
A postdoctoral position is available in the Collective Animal Behavior Laboratory at Princeton University to study collective information processing using schooling fish as a model system. This is part of a multidisciplinary investigation of decision-making by animal groups. Specifically we aim to explore the interplay […]

24 Sep 2009

Collective Motion and Decision-Making in Animal Groups

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By accessing social cues individuals, who may themselves be limited in sensory range and cognitive capacity, can access higher-order computational capabilities. We have previously shown, in a paper in Nature, how directional information can be effectively disseminated within groups, facilitating both ad-hoc leadership and consensus decision-making even in the absence of signaling or individual recognition. […]