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2 Feb 2012

Iain’s work cited on “What’s next”, the innovation blog on CNN.com

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Iain's work on swarming, migration and cannibalism in Desert Locust is cited in an article posted on "What's next", the innovation blog at CNN.com. In this article, CNN journalist John D. Sutter describes the latest advances on predicting the next massive migration events in this insect species that can have major consequences for local populations. […]

9 Jan 2011

Sepideh Bazazi makes the cover of Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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The article published by Sepideh Bazazi and collaborators in the February 7, 2011, issue of Proceedings of the Royal Society B will make the cover of the magazine. Congrats Sepideh!
In this article, Sepideh presents experimental and model data linking the nutritional state of locusts with their mass migration behavior. The article can be found here. Hereafter […]