Roman Stocker lecture at EEB seminar

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Professor Roman Stocker from the Environmental Microfluidics Group at MIT will be our first lecturer this year at EEB seminar series. His talk, “Life in a drop of ocean: The physical ecology of marine microbes”, will hold at 10 Guyot Hall on Thursday September 24th 2009 at 12.30 pm.

Research in Professor Stocker’s group focuses on understanding interactions between microorganisms, their fluid dynamical environment and their nutrient sources. They use microfluidics to mimic flow and concentration field in the ocean at the scale (microns to millimeters) relevant to bacteriae, algae, protists and microzooplankton. Using videomicroscopy, image analysis and tracking of microorganism, they work to elucidate fundamental small-scale processes at the edge between microbiology and fluid dynamics. The ultimate goal is to obtain a quantitative understanding of the effects of these interactions on the global cycles of the elements in the ocean.


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