Michael Dickinson gives EEB seminar

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Professor Michael Dickinson from the Dickinson Lab at Caltech will be our lecturer for the next EEB seminar. His talk, "How flies find stuff", will hold at 10 Guyot Hall on Thursday September 10th 2009, at 12.30pm. 

The Dickinson Lab is dedicated to integrated, interdisciplinary, multi-leveled approaches to the study of animal physiology and behavior. Their current research focuses on the neurobiology and biomechanics of locomotion in flies. While the buzz of fly wings is more likely to elicit a sense of annoyance than wonder, insect flight behavior links a series of fundamental processes within both the physical and biological sciences: neuronal signaling within brains, the dynamics of unsteady fluid flow, the structural mechanics of composite materials, and the behavior of complex nonlinear systems. The aim of Michael Dickinson’s research is to elucidate the means by which flies accomplish their aerodynamic feats. A rigorous mechanistic description of flight requires an integration of biology, engineering, fluid mechanics, and control theory. The long term goal, however, is not simply to understand the material basis of insect flight, but to develop its study into a model that can provide insight to the behavior and robustness of complex systems in general.


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