Media coverage



(2011) TIME, ‘America votes with the fishes’

(2011) Wall Street Journal, ‘A fishy study of uninformed voters?’

(2011) Brunei Times, ‘Minnows reveal true power of the ‘uninformed’’

(2011) Wired, ‘How ignorance could improve group decisions’

(2011) BBC News, ‘Disinterested ‘key in democracy’’

(2011) Miller-McCune, ‘Why a democracy needs uninformed people’

(2011) ScienceNews, ‘Uncommitted newbies can foil forceful few’

(2011) Chronicle of Higher Education, ‘Study of fish suggests the value of uninformed voters’


(2011) Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ‘Minnows reveal power of the uninformed’


(2011), ‘Can ignorance make a better democracy? In fish it can…’


(2011) The Economist, “Collective behavior: Follow my leader”


(2011) ScienceNews, ‘School rules’


(2010) New York Times, Environment, “On the migratory trail, leaders and followers”


(2010) Popular Science Magazine, Featured as one of the ‘Brilliant 10’


(2010) Wired Science, “How mass migration might have evolved”


(2010) Wired News, “Math is no match for locust swarms”


(2010) ScienceDaily, “Introducing robofish: leading the crowd in studying group dynamics”


(2010) Welt, “Roboterfisch führt schwärme”


(2010) Slashdot, “’Robotfish’ schools the rest”


(2010) SETI Radio, “Swarm in here or is it just me?”


(2010) Big Think, Interview with Iain Couzin:


(2010) ScienceNews, “Swarming locusts impossible to predict”


(2009, 2010) Interview with Iain Couzin “Ants have algorithms” selected for

HarperCollins book “Best of Edge: Life” (Couzin, Dawkins, Dyson, Endy, Haig, Kauffman,

Kurzweil, Lloyd, Ridley, Strogatz, Trivers, Venter, E.O. Wilson).


(2009) Science Illustrated (front cover article ‘Swarm!’)


(2009) ABC News, Iain interviewed on ‘Good Morning America’


(2009) “On My Mind” by Iain Couzin, SEED Magazine.


(2009) “Traffic: From insects to interstates”, World Science Festival, New York City


(2008) BBC News, “Cannibal theory for locust swarms”


(2008) Channel 4 (UK) News, “Locusts driven by cannibalism”


(2008) Nature News, “Cannibalism drives locust swarms”


(2008) New Scientist, “The hunger the horror”.


(2008) The Economic Times, “Cannibalism drives vast locust swarms”


(2008) Der Spiegel feature article “Schlauer im swarm”


(2008) Science Daily “What’s bugging locusts?”


(2008) “Traffic” by Tom Vanderbildt, Random House Press (Chapter 4: Meet the World’s Best

Commuter: What We Can Learn From Ants, Locust and Crickets).


(2008) “Nature’s Patterns: Flow” by Philip Ball, Oxford University Press (Chapter 5: Follow Your

Neighbor: Flocks, Swarms and Crowds).


(2008) National Public Radio, “The physics of fish”


(2008) WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show


(2007) New York Times, feature on my research by Carl Zimmer “From ants to people, an

instinct to swarm”, Science Times front cover


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