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New Scientist feature by Michael Brooks: Mind Meld: The Genius of Swarm Thinking

WIRED Feature by Ed Yong: The Power of Swarms

CBS News SmartPlanet Q&A with Iain Couzin

The Atlantic “The Science of Staring”

Our new paper on gaze copying in human crowds is available open access from PNAS: link.

Ed Yong, Discover: What are you looking at?

Coverage of some of our locust work – In Mauritania, sunny with a chance of locusts

Our Science paper “Uninformed individuals promote democratic consensus in animal groups” is now available for free download form our publications page!

– Press coverage of this paper:

 – America votes with the fishes

 – Vote for apathy?

 – How ignorance could improve group decisions

 – Disinterested ‘key in democracy’

 – Why a democracy needs uninformed people

 – Uncommitted newbies can foil forceful few

 – Study of fish suggests the value of uninformed voters

 – Minnows reveal power of the ‘uninformed’

 – Less Knowledge, More Power: Uninformed Can Be Vital to Democracy, Study Finds

 – Ist Ignoranz wichtig für die Demokratie?

 – Democracy may depend on the ignorant

 – Can ignorance make a better democracy? In fish it can…

 – A democracy depends on uninformed individuals, maybe

– Iain talk at PopTech 2011:

Iain featured on CNN

Iain Couzin is a 2011 PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellow

– Iain talks on RadioLab (also here):

Iain Couzin and Colin Twomey in The Economist

Iain cited in The New Yorker and Ars Technica