Iain Couzin is a 2011 PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellow

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The innovation network PopTech has announced this morning its "Science and Public Leadership Fellows Class" of 2011. Iain has been selected as a fellow with 9 other leaders and innovators in their own research field. The announcement as well as the complete list of the fellows can be found here. Hereafter is an excerpt of the announcement:

How useful would it be to find a cure for autism? Energy sources less likely to contribute to climate change? Disaster early warning systems based on sound waves? Ways to enable remote surgery or speed up stroke rehabilitation?

PopTech is proud to introduce a dynamic group of people who are working toward those goals and more: the Science and Public Leadership Fellows Class of 2011. From analyzing malaria to crowdsourcing basic science, this year’s Fellows are spearheading research that has the potential to change the world. We’re bringing them together this week at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, DC, with a faculty of experts who will help them further develop the leadership, collaboration and communication skills to become more effective leaders within the scientific community and amongst the general public at large.


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