Iain Couzin and Vishwesha Guttal in The NY Times

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Felicity Barringer published in the Green blog (online edition of The New York Times) an article about the last paper of Iain and Vishwesha in PNAS. Hereafter are the first sentences of Felicity Barranger’s post:

Using the tools afforded by the study of applied mathematics and evolutionary biology, two Princeton researchers have shown that migratory animals that travel en masse tend to fall into two categories: “leaders” and follow… Er, make that “social individuals.”

It is difficult for either to do without the other, they found.

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  1. great!!1

  2. Fascinating post. I wonder when we will become so fragmented that the human populate will fail to produce leaders.

  3. Good stuff. It should be of interest that breeders of Icelandic sheep have long distinguished “leader sheep” in their flocks, and bred specifically for that ability. The resultant sub-breed looks and acts differently from the followers. They’ve even identified several genes involved, I believe.

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