Iain cited in The New Yorker and Ars Technica

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Iain has had some press recently with citations about in his work in the prestigious New Yorker magazine and the technology blog Ars Technica

In The New Yorker, Iain's work is described in John Seabrook's essay "When large crowds assemble, is there a way to keep them safe?", about the events at the Wal-Mart in Valley Stream, Long Island, on Black Friday, 2008, that led to the death of one of the store's employees, Jdimytai Damour. Iain is cited in this essay as an expert of crowd dynamics, along with Pr. Dirk Helbing and Pr. Jens Krause. 

In its post "The mathematics of fish schools and flocks of humans" on Ars Technica, Matt Ford summarizes the recent symposium "Mathematics and Collective Behavior" that held on Friday, February 18, during the annual AAAS meeting in Washington. 


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