Collective Motion and Decision-Making in Animal Groups

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By accessing social cues individuals, who may themselves be limited in sensory range and cognitive capacity, can access higher-order computational capabilities. We have previously shown, in a paper in Nature, how directional information can be effectively disseminated within groups, facilitating both ad-hoc leadership and consensus decision-making even in the absence of signaling or individual recognition. In that work we also demonstrated that the larger the group, the smaller the proportion of informed individuals needed to efficiently transfer this information. In two of our most recent studies on this topic, published in Science and PNAS we investigate the role of uninformed individuals, or those who exhibit little (or no) preference, on consensus decision making. We reveal that such individuals can have a profound influence on the consensus reached, promoting democratic consensus, and also that uninformed individuals facilitate consensus decision making.

We employ an integrated experimental and theoretical approach to study collective decision-making in animal groups. We have recently focused on schooling fish (our Golden shiners are shown above) as a good model system with which to develop and test ideas regarding how, and why, groups of unrelated individuals coordinate so strongly their behavior and decision-making. Golden shiners are a very strongly schooling species of freshwater fish allowing us to determine how individual decisions and preferences relate to those at the level of the collective. Some of our relevant publications on this topic are listed below:

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