24 Jul 2010

Swarming locusts impossible to predict: Iain Couzin in ScienceNews

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Journalist Alexandra Witze from ScienceNews published an article on the behavior of locust swarms. This article is based on several studies published by Iain and his collaborators (see our publication page), and precede a future article to appear in Physical Review E (Escudero et al., Physical Review E, in press). Iain along with coauthors Jérôme Buhl and Carlos […]

2 Jul 2010

Swarm in Here… or Is It Just Me? Iain Couzin at “Are We Alone?” radio

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On Monday June 21, Iain was invited by the radio station "Are we alone?", a science radio hosted by the SETI Institute. Along with Steve Strogatz (Cornell University), Craig Reynolds (Sony Computer Entertainment) and Thomas Malone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), he spoke about collective intelligence in animals. The details of the radio show can be […]

22 Apr 2010

Iain Couzin on WNYC Radiolab

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Iain was recently invited to participate in the first live event of the AWE-MAGEDDON series organized by Radiolab, a popular scientific radio show on WNYC. Hereafter is an excerpt of this show where Iain is introducing the work done at the CouzinLab and answer to some questions from the show hosts, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich.
The […]

11 Jan 2010

Iain’s interview at

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Are humans pack animals? Do cells act like crowds? Does Iain Couzin feel like part of the herd? Iain answers these questions, and more, in this interview (Taming the Herd Mentality) he gave to the website

For your information, is a website that broadcasts interviews with experts in various fields, from hedge-fund managers to neuroscientists.