2 Feb 2012

Iain’s work cited on “What’s next”, the innovation blog on

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Iain's work on swarming, migration and cannibalism in Desert Locust is cited in an article posted on "What's next", the innovation blog at In this article, CNN journalist John D. Sutter describes the latest advances on predicting the next massive migration events in this insect species that can have major consequences for local populations. […]

17 Dec 2011

Media attention following our recent Science paper

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Our recent article, "Uninformed Individuals Promote Democratic Consensus in Animal Groups" (Couzin et al., 2011), published Science has attracted attention from the mainstream media. Hereafter is a non-exhaustive list of articles that we have found mentioning our work on the role of uninformed individuals during consensus decision-making in group-living animals.
Please note that these commentaries may […]

1 Nov 2011

Iain Couzin on CNN Tech

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On Monday October 24th, CNN Tech (the technology and science section of the CNN website) has published an article about the recent PopTech Conference that was held in Camden, Maine. In this article, journalist John D. Sutter presents the works of "5 fascinating people", and among them is Iain, whose picture during his talk was […]

2 Aug 2011

Iain Couzin is a 2011 PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellow

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The innovation network PopTech has announced this morning its "Science and Public Leadership Fellows Class" of 2011. Iain has been selected as a fellow with 9 other leaders and innovators in their own research field. The announcement as well as the complete list of the fellows can be found here. Hereafter is an excerpt of […]

24 Jun 2011

Iain Couzin interview by Jane Lee

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Jane Lee, a graduate student in the Science Communication Program at the University of California Santa Cruz, has recently interviewed Iain as part of the 2011 SciCom Interviews series. Hereafter is the introductory paragraph of this interview. The complete interview can be found here.

Wheeling, turning, and diving—flocks of birds and schools of fish perform these acrobatic maneuvers […]

1 Mar 2011

Iain Couzin and Colin Twomey in The Economist

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The presentation that Iain gave during the recent symposium "Mathematics and Collective Behavior" at the annual AAAS meeting in Washington, got some additional press in the mainstream media. After the technological blog Ars Technica, the prestigious journal The Economist has decided to dedicate an article to the work of Iain and Colin Twomey, grade student […]

22 Feb 2011

Iain cited in The New Yorker and Ars Technica

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Iain has had some press recently with citations about in his work in the prestigious New Yorker magazine and the technology blog Ars Technica. 
In The New Yorker, Iain's work is described in John Seabrook's essay "When large crowds assemble, is there a way to keep them safe?", about the events at the Wal-Mart in Valley […]

13 Oct 2010

Iain Couzin among the 2010 “Brilliant 10”

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Iain has been named this year one of the “Brilliant 10” by the magazine Popular Science. The “Brilliant 10” are 10 young scientists and researchers who “are dreaming up solutions to some of the world’s most vexing challenges”. They are selected each year by the people at Popular Science among hundreds of nominees.
The article dedicated to […]

4 Oct 2010

Cannibal Crickets Poet – From the archives of Improbable Research

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Every week, Improbable Research (the organization that, among other things, administers the famous Ig Nobel Prizes) organizes a limerick contest to honor a scientist or a scientific study. Back in 2006, one of these weekly contests was dedicated to one of Iain's article: "Cannibal Crickets On A Forced March for Protein and Salt", 2006, Simpson et al., […]

9 Sep 2010

Iain Couzin and Vishwesha Guttal in The NY Times

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Felicity Barringer published in the Green blog (online edition of The New York Times) an article about the last paper of Iain and Vishwesha in PNAS. Hereafter are the first sentences of Felicity Barranger’s post:

Using the tools afforded by the study of applied mathematics and evolutionary biology, two Princeton researchers have shown that migratory animals […]