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Every week, Improbable Research (the organization that, among other things, administers the famous Ig Nobel Prizes) organizes a limerick contest to honor a scientist or a scientific study. Back in 2006, one of these weekly contests was dedicated to one of Iain's article: "Cannibal Crickets On A Forced March for Protein and Salt", 2006, Simpson et al., PNAS 103(11), 4152-6. Hereafter is a copy of the contest results found in the archives of Improbable Research. 

Cannibal Crickets Poet

Here is the winner of last month's limerick competition, which
asked for a limerick to honor the following study:

"Cannibal Crickets On A Forced March for Protein and Salt,"
Stephen J. Simpson, Gregory A. Sword, Patrick D. Lorch and
Iain D. Couzin, Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences, vol. 103, no. 11, March 14, 2006, pp. 4152-6.

The winner is investigator Toby Norris, who wrote:

Said Simpson, "This fare's just the ticket.
For nice salty food one can't lick it."
     When wielding his Sword
     Lorch exclaimed, "Oh, dear Lord,
Couzin slaughter is not really cricket."

Martin Eiger, our Limerick Laureate, offers his take on the subject:

Some might say it's sadistic and vicious.
To others, it seems expeditious.
     The crickets show how.
     Kill and eat someone now.
It's delicious, and also nutritious.


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