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1 Nov 2010

PNAS: Leadership, collective behavior, and the evolution of migration

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Migration is a remarkable and widespread form of collective motion that is observed over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales. Often migratory individuals face the challenge of tracking long range, noisy environmental cues in order to reach suitable habitats. Detecting directional information, however, may come at a cost. This raises a number of […]

13 Oct 2010

Iain Couzin among the 2010 “Brilliant 10”

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Iain has been named this year one of the “Brilliant 10” by the magazine Popular Science. The “Brilliant 10” are 10 young scientists and researchers who “are dreaming up solutions to some of the world’s most vexing challenges”. They are selected each year by the people at Popular Science among hundreds of nominees.
The article dedicated to […]

4 Oct 2010

Cannibal Crickets Poet – From the archives of Improbable Research

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Every week, Improbable Research (the organization that, among other things, administers the famous Ig Nobel Prizes) organizes a limerick contest to honor a scientist or a scientific study. Back in 2006, one of these weekly contests was dedicated to one of Iain's article: "Cannibal Crickets On A Forced March for Protein and Salt", 2006, Simpson et al., […]

9 Sep 2010

Iain Couzin and Vishwesha Guttal in The NY Times

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Felicity Barringer published in the Green blog (online edition of The New York Times) an article about the last paper of Iain and Vishwesha in PNAS. Hereafter are the first sentences of Felicity Barranger’s post:

Using the tools afforded by the study of applied mathematics and evolutionary biology, two Princeton researchers have shown that migratory animals […]

24 Jul 2010

Swarming locusts impossible to predict: Iain Couzin in ScienceNews

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Journalist Alexandra Witze from ScienceNews published an article on the behavior of locust swarms. This article is based on several studies published by Iain and his collaborators (see our publication page), and precede a future article to appear in Physical Review E (Escudero et al., Physical Review E, in press). Iain along with coauthors Jérôme Buhl and Carlos […]

2 Jul 2010

Swarm in Here… or Is It Just Me? Iain Couzin at “Are We Alone?” radio

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On Monday June 21, Iain was invited by the radio station "Are we alone?", a science radio hosted by the SETI Institute. Along with Steve Strogatz (Cornell University), Craig Reynolds (Sony Computer Entertainment) and Thomas Malone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), he spoke about collective intelligence in animals. The details of the radio show can be […]

11 May 2010

Iain Couzin at the Secret Science Club

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UPDATE – ABC News feature about the Secret Science Club:
Iain will talk about his work and the work of the CouzinLab at the next Secret Science Club session. This event will hold at the Bell House in New York (149 7th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215), at 8pm on Tuesday May 18. Tickets are free. Hereafter is […]

11 May 2010

Iain Couzin will talk at PIMS-CSC Distinguished Speaker Series

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Iain will be the next speaker of the PIMS-CSC Distinguished Speaker Series that holds at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. His talk, "Collective Motion and Decision-Making in Animal Groups", will start at 2.30pm on May 14 at IRMACS Theatre, ASB 10900 (reception from 2.00pm).
PIMS is the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences. CSC is the Centre for Scientific […]

29 Apr 2010

Iain Couzin at Mathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State University

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On April 28, Iain gave a public lecture sponsored by the Mathematical Biosciences Institute of The Ohio State University. The talk that held at the iMax Theatre of the Center of Science and Industry (Colombus) was entitled "The perfect swarm" (flyer available here). It was an overview of collective behaviors, at different scales of life, […]

22 Apr 2010

Iain Couzin on WNYC Radiolab

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Iain was recently invited to participate in the first live event of the AWE-MAGEDDON series organized by Radiolab, a popular scientific radio show on WNYC. Hereafter is an excerpt of this show where Iain is introducing the work done at the CouzinLab and answer to some questions from the show hosts, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich.
The […]